How To Get Cheaper Insurance Premium

Originally posted 2016-09-29 03:13:04.

Many people looking for ways to pay cheaper insurance premium. It’s quite simple. Here a list how to do it with Autoroadtax system.

1.  Choose Third Party Coverage

This way, your premium is 25% lesser than comprehensive coverage.  At Autoroadtax, we do Third Party with Fire & Theft coverage, so that you will get some value for your premium.

2.  Dont Choose Any Add-on

Add-on such as windscreen coverage, you probably don’t need it. So, don’t choose any add on. This will help you save a lot.

3.  Choose Lower Insured Amount

Choosing lower insured amount will have impact on the premium cost. In Autoroadtax, you can choose either the market value, higher than market value (about 10% higher) or lower than market value (about 13% lower).

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